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Dax Laboratories Drug Testing in Oklahoma City


Dedicated support from ordering of the test through patient follow-up. Dax Laboratories monitoring and drug detection services ensure health care professionals have a choice between ordering tests individually or use a custom panel of tests selected by the Practitioner. They choose the test methods suited for their individual needs.

Dax Laboratories Physician Support

Making a positive, ethical impact in the pain management community is the cornerstone of our core values. We are your partner. We want to make sure you are compliant with Federal and State testing guidelines and to know your patients are receiving the best possible care. We keep our pricing fair to make sure your patients are always able to afford their treatment. Our testing provides precise drug specific identification and analytical results of all drugs and metabolites, present or absent. Our testing provides health care professionals with critical information to support your patients’ overall treatment plans.

Physician FAQs

How often should I be testing my patients?

To the discretion of the physician based on the individual’s medical history and assessments in accordance with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority or the respective state’s guidelines.

How do I get my patient’s results?

Simply click the “Portal” link on our website.  Enter your user name and password and get immediate access to your patient’s results.

What are the laws governing drug testing?

Oklahoma’s law is OKHCA Title 317:30-5-20 and 317:30-5-20.1.
Dax Laboratories is dedicated to providing concierge-level support to physicians and patients

Working together

Dax Laboratories provides toxicology services in close collaboration with our clients to ensure we meet their unique needs. We offer comprehensive diagnostic services and easy to interpret reports for our treating physicians. Drug and prescription monitoring is a clinical tool for physicians who need reliable test results about their patients’ use and/or misuse of prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications and/or illicit substances in order to make informed clinical decisions.

Specimen Packaging, Holding, Shipping & Rejection

Dax Laboratories Urine Specimen Cups

Urine Specimen Cup

  • Check that lid is secure to prevent leakage.
  • Write 2 patient identifiers on the CUP.
  • Place security seal from the requisition form over cup and lid.
Dax Laboratories Specimen Patient Identifiers

Accepted Patient Identifiers

  • Patient Full Name
  • Patient DOB
  • Last 4 of SS#
  • Patient Identifiers must be on the CUP, not the lid.
Dax Laboratories Specimen Shipping

Shipping & Holding Specimen

  • Place the specimen(s) in the front of the biohazard bag
  • Place documents in the pouch of the biohazard bag (Req Form, Pt Demographics, Ins Info, Current Meds)
  • Seal biohazard bag
  • Place sealed biohazard bag in shipping pack
  • Samples may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days, and may undergo a freeze/thaw cycle up to 4 times prior to analysis.
  • Shipping should be via overnight delivery.



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